How to Win Big in the Online Business Industry

How to Win Big in the Online Business Industry

These are the two very recent news published in all the leading Newspapers:

News I:

Despite the fact that there are a few nations that have been hit much harder by Covid-19 than India, in one way or another India’s joblessness rate has soared to a stunning 27.1% since the start of the lockdown, particularly in metropolitan urban communities.

We should reveal some insight into what the current recruiting and joblessness situation right now looks like and what the post-Covid-19 situation may hold for us later on.

An expected 12.2 crore individuals have lost their positions because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Which are the principle Covid-influenced divisions?

The pandemic-influenced segments are:

Food Service, Travel, Retail Door To door Sales, Recreation, Fitness, Wellness, Real Estate, and many others.

The pandemic has prompted work misfortunes in each segment and an expected 6 crore Indians out of 60 crores who go to work (or one out of 10) are in the danger of losing their positions before fall breaks in India, with organizations under lockdown confronting extreme difficulties to continue.

In one such case, it was a blow to Rupa (Name altered) who has been working in a company for almost a decade when she was suddenly asked to leave. The reason given was that the company incurred huge losses due to the pandemic and the management had to ask her to resign suddenly.

As having employees work from home became the only way to continue conducting business, another situation that has risen is businesses are relying on computers to complete their jobs. Many jobs that had been done in offices are now being performed from living rooms around the country, as the work-from-home trend becomes a forced reality.

In the post-Covid-19 word, more businesses will look to build processes online, few business models might even have to evolve in ways to leverage the possibilities and opportunities of the digital medium.


News II:

The personal fortune of Jeff Bezos has risen above $200 billion (£152bn) to reach a new record high.

The Amazon founder’s wealth rose to $202bn, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, after shares in the online retail giant rose by more than 5 percent since the start of the week.

Amazon’s stock has now risen by around 86 percent since the start of the year, largely boosted by increased demand for online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

The world’s richest person is not the only tech tycoon to see their wealth skyrocket during the pandemic.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have seen more than $110bn added to their combined wealth.

Top 4 richest people in the world

How the fortunes of the wealthiest people have changed since the start of the year

Name Start Of The Year – Wealth Billion Dollars)  Preset Networth (Billion Dollars)
Jeff Bezos 114 202
Bill Gates 122.88 124
Mark Zuckerberg 78.70 115
Elon Musk 27.4 101

As of 27 August 2020

Source: Bloomberg Billionaires Index

What is the option now?

We find that more businesses will look to build processes online, few business models might even have to evolve in ways to leverage the possibilities and opportunities of the digital medium. Online businesses across the globe are booming.

Whether you’re seeking a flexible schedule, a more fulfilling career, or a higher income, there’s never been a better time to ditch your 9-5 and set up shop as an entrepreneur. Intuit estimates that within the next few years, almost half of the workforce will be self-employed. And no wonder: By reaching your clients online, you can get started selling your services right away.

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