About Me

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

I am from Kolkata, a Wealth Creation Evangelist.  After the completion of my Master’s Degree in Physics from Calcutta University, I gathered experience in various Financial Sectors as an Administrator and Consultant. I am interested in Drama and Recitation and participated in many State Level Festivals as a Recitation Artist and an Actor. My passion is Travelling and Photography.

During my journey, I have realized that most people are struggling to survive because most of them do not have basic Financial Literacy. They don’t have any Financial Planning. Most of the Working Professionals are suffering from stress-related to their workplace.

My endeavour is  to re-program the mind of my website visitors about money with my knowledge from my long experience in the Financial Sector. I have come across two of the best mentors of the world to cope up with the growing needs of Digitalisation and I will be synchronizing my knowledge of the Financial and Digital world to instantly change the limiting beliefs of the People.

My Mission

My Mission is to help 100,000 working professionals to live a stress-free lifestyle as a Digital Coach. and educate them to reveal the Secrets to Manage their Money and increase their free time as a Professional.


Can I enroll in just a single course?

Yes, if you enroll for Money Multiplier Blueprint, you will get other three courses as Bonus.